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The Dead Arts Society & DELL Stage William Shakesperae's 'Hamlet'

The Dead Arts Society, in collaboration with Department of English Language and Literature, staged its first annual theatrical presentation on February 8th, 9th & 10th, 2019. This was Shakespeare's classic 'Hamlet' with its modern translation into English. The rendition starred Inaam-ullah Khan of BS English 2nd semester playing Claudius, Sitara Asghar of MPhil English Literature semester 3 playing Gertrude; Hamlet, the prince and  the main lead, was  played by Saad Ali Barki of  M.A English Literature 4th semester; Polonius, the king’s advisor , played by Mustafa Ali Khan of BS English 3rd semester, Ophelia Polonius’  daughter played by Aliha Farooq Khan of BS English 6th semester, Laerates  Polonius’ son played by Rajesh Kumar of BS English semester 7,  and the king’s ghost  played by Qazi Asfandyar Khan of BS English 2nd semester. The other supporting characters in the play included Guildenstern played  by Hamza Gulzar of BS English 6th semester, , and Rosencrantz played by Hamza, while the role of the messenger in the play was played by Murtaza Bajwa of M.A. English Literature 4th semester.  Others included Ikram Nizam , Abdur Rehman, Sher Ali, Asif Ali and Ashar Iqbal also played various other  roles in the play. The event was managed by a group of students from various  semesters including Asad Rasool, Sarwat Pervez, Shahzeb Jutt, Hafsa Mustafa, Bisma Amjad, Abeer Asmat, Naheed Kausar, Qura-tu-Aain Fatima,Hassan Abdal, and Maryam Rehman from different semesters. The production of the play took almost 4 months while the play proved an incredible success, as SOCA Main Studio remained packed all the three days. Indeed, presenting a rendition of this class is no less than an achievement for The Dead Arts Society and DELL.  

  • The Dead Arts Society & DELL Stage William Shakesperae
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