University of Lahore

It is a dual Master's degree program (with courses in both linguistics and English teaching), consisting of 69 credit hours with 20 taught courses. An important aspect of the program is dissertation writing in the final semester that prepares the students for their future research. This degree focuses on enabling the students acquire specialist knowledge in different sub-disciplines of linguistics. Similarly, it motivates the students get indulged in advanced research in phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Finally, the program helps develop critical/analytical skills among the students in an interdisciplinary context.


Career Opportunities

The program will prepare students for competitive examinations, application of English language in practical life, as well as help them acquire the required competence in English to study abroad. It also aims at producing professional teachers, who can develop materials for different populations and design different assessments. It also equips students with latest instructional technology and opens new vistas of research in language. The graduates, at the end of the program, may become:

•             Teachers trainers

•             Text-to-speech synthesizers

•             Translators

•             Interpreters

•             Technical writers

Courses Offered

Semester 1
Sr. No.  Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Language Skills 3
2 Introduction to Linguistics 3
3 Approaches to Foreign Language Acquistion 3
4 Descriptive Syntax 3
5 Phonetics & English Phonology 3
6  Stylistics 3
Semester 2
Sr. No. Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Sociolinguistics 3
2 Morphology & Syntax 3
3 Second Language Acquistions 3
4 Semantics & Pragmatics 3
5 Psycholinguistics 3
6 Translation Studies 3
Semester 3
Sr. No.  Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Discourse Analysis 3
2 Computer Assisted Language Learning 3
3 Syllabus Designing & Evaluation 3
4 Language & Media 3
5 Language, Culture & Identity 3
6 Research Methods in Lingusitics 3
Semester 4
Sr. No. Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Micro-Teaching 3`
2 Introduction to Semiotics 3
3 English for Specific Purposes
4 Research Dissertation 3
Offered at Campuses
Fact File

Program Duration: 2 Years

Entry Requirements: B.A./B.Com. with minimum second division

Programme Recognition
  Higher Education Commission of Pakistan