Being degree awarding institute ,UOL is also catering a huge number of Medical, Dental and Pharmacy students. Those who have completed their first two years of professional degree i.e. 14 years of education appear in bi-annually conducted (in March and October) paper of English Compulsory and get a B.Sc. degree. 




Why this


After getting this degree Students qualify to get admission to relevant Msc. program Or are eligible to appear in all the competitive exams like CSS, PMS, PCS.

Courses Offered

COURSE OUTLINE English Language (Compulsory) for B.Sc. Examination

Road Map There will be one paper carrying 100 marks of three hour's duration.
Paper:    100 Marks

  1. Prose Part :               50 Marks
  2. Grammar Part:          50 Marks
  1. Comprehension                          15 Marks
  2. Report writing :                          10 Marks
  3. Translation Urdu into English    10 Marks
  4. Essay (200 words)                      15 Marks   (Syllabus and Courses of Reading)  

Paper:     Marks 100
(i)    Prose Part :    50
        Text Book:A Selection of English Prose : by Dr. Nousheen Khan and Prof. Ghulam Sarwar Qureshi    50
(ii)    Grammar Part:     Marks 50

  1. Comprehension    15
  2. Report writing    10
  3. Translation Urdu into English    10
  4. Essay (200 words)Polymer English grammar for BS.c students    15