The program consists of 69 credit hours with 20 courses. The emphasis is laid on an understanding of both the significance and the history of British and American literatures while fostering appreciation of the richness and variety of various literary texts. An important aspect of the program is dissertation writing in the final semester that prepares the students for their future research. We offer rigorous training in developing interpretive thinking and precise expression, which helps students in inventing ideas, organizing them, drawing deductions, and articulating them in eloquent and convincing ways. The program features the study of literary genres, rhetoric, and the poetic and narrative arts while focusing on the various roles literary writing and its presentation play in almost every aspect of human experience.


Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, students may pursue a career in teaching, communication, translation and publishing. Similarly, the program will prepare students for various examinations, and help them acquire competence in English for study abroad.





Courses Offered

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Classical Poetry 3
2 Greek Drama 3
3 Novel 3
4 History of English Literature (The Medieval Period) 4
5 Prose 4
Semester 2
Sr. No. Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 Contemporary Fiction 3
2 Elizabethan Drama 3
3 History of English Literature (Victorian/Modern)
4 Prose
5 Victorian Novel 3


Semester 3

Sr. No.  Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Contemporary Fiction 3
2 Creative Non-Fiction 3
3 Modern Drama
4 Research Methodology 4
5 Romantic Poetry 3


Semester 4

Sr. No. Course Title Cr.Hrs
1 American Poetry 3
2 American Drama
3 American Novel
4 Creative Writing
5 Research Project/ Thesis

Offered at Campuses
Fact File

Program Duration: 2 Years

Entry Requirements: B.A./B.Com. with minimum second division

Program Recognition
  Higher Education Commission of Pakistan