Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of English Language and Literature (DELL) at The University of Lahore.

As a team, we make a vibrant academic community which is fully poised to expand its students’ linguistic and literary horizons. DELL inspires and leads development and implementation of a shared vision to promote excellence and support transformation throughout the university by ensuring that all students have opportunities for their individual needs to be met in a learner-centered environment. The teaching faculty creates, promotes, and sustains a dynamic learning culture that provides a rigorous, relevant, and engaging education for all the students from various departments. The teachers ensure instructional innovations focused on continuous improvement of learning and provide learner-centered environments equipped with technology and learning resources to meet the individual, diverse needs of all learners and its infusion across the curriculum of MS / MPhil, MA and BS at DELL leading it to the Centre of Excellence. Only a clear-eyed commitment to using the available resources with up-to-date knowledge will empower DELL to get a substantial output through the infusion of the contemporary world knowledge.

We boast that our students, upon graduation, leave us having extensive theoretical knowledge about English language and literature. As for our research-based programs, these are designed to equip our students with skills in independent inquiry, critical thinking, valuable interlocution, originality – all that is needed for conducting valuable academic research in postgraduate studies. We also boast our state-of-the-art facilities which include a well-stocked library, fully equipped computer labs, online research databases, as well as printing and scanning facilities.

To stay abreast of educational research and emerging trends by promoting research culture at DELL, the department intends to start PhD programs in English Literature and Linguistics separately, Postgraduate Diploma in English Language and Literature Teaching, short courses for professional growth, such as, Effective Speaking and Writing Skills along with foreign languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Arabic for Engineering, Business, IT, Health Sciences faculties to avail the openings in the other countries.

I look forward to seeing you at DELL and wish all our students and graduates continued growth and success in their educational and professional endeavors.