The Department constitutes a professional, yet congenial, environment for the teaching and promotion of both linguistics and literature in English. A variety of degrees ranging from BS to MA to MPhil are offered involving both these disciplines; the BS is a multidisciplinary degree in the study of English language and literature, (applied) linguistics, and communication.

The Department has appropriately qualifieded faculty thoroughly committed to teaching and research in a vigorous atmosphere, and its programmes of study are characterized by a balanced combination of rigour and flexibility. We try to sustain a dynamic learning environment that encourages creative thinking abilities as well as linguistic and interpersonal skills. The classes are typically highly interactive, involving a good deal of student participation. We try to maintain the highest standards of academic excellence, and of professional and ethical conduct.

Extracurricular activities are part of our broader scheme, and are organized to provide the students opportunities for social interaction, entertainment, and the development of their non-academic talent.

University Highlights