Welcome to Department of English Language and Literature (DELL)

As an English major at The University of Lahore, you will find excellent education – one that strikes an ideal balance between language and literature. With a wide array of academic programs including degree programs, certifications and diplomas, we brace up our undergraduate and postgraduate students to forge careers in professional and academic job markets. Our graduates thus leave empowered with skills in oral and written communication, critical thinking, interlocution, and problem-solving. This enables them to collaborate and excel in an increasingly globalized and kaleidoscopic world order. Their employability is thus ensured in fields as diverse as teaching, media, communication, civil service, and many others.


We also aim to foster an aptitude for advanced learning and research among our students. For this, our faculty members dedicate themselves to impart excellence and outstanding scholarship. Faculty areas of specialization are disparate and wide-ranging including studies in language and linguistics.


The English major ensures students’ engagement with and command on


Reading and writing in various rhetorical contexts

Interpreting and analyzing broad range of texts and genres

 Developing and sustaining criticality

Developing language skills in connection with the surrounding social set up

Understanding various approaches to second language acquisition/learning

Production of independent research

Multiple historical and cultural contexts of language and literature, and

The terminology, methodology and theories of English Studies



University Highlights